Festive round-up

Wednesday 17, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 December:

Three round robin sessions took place and were all played as doubles. The midweek winners being Philippa Taylor and Doug Allan, along with Tricia Bull and Peter Karran; while second places went to Gordon Corrin and Allan Cromwell, also Derek Allen and Alec Taylor.

Avoiding the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, two gangs competed on both days over the weekend. Winners on Saturday were Sid Bolton and Caroline Whitehead, and the pairing of Lyn Bolton and Ken Karran. Lyn and Ken were also victorious on Sunday, but with different partners – Lynda Cadamy and Louis Callister.

Just missing out in second positions were Casey Bolton and Philippa Taylor; Mike Thomas and Tricia Bull; Alan Moore and Derek Clarke; Philippa Taylor and Dave Kelly.


Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 December:

Two days of round robins brought the year to an end for the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club with the participants enjoying two good afternoons of nice weather.

Derek Clarke and Jo Smith took the honours in the first session, followed by Lyn Bolton and Stefan Kelly, with third going to Lynda Cadamy and Alan Moore.

A strip of frost along one edge of the green was avoided on Sunday and from a group of triples the winners were Elaine Moore, Lynda Cadamy and Joan Murphy; second place went to Shirley Corrin, Jo Smith and Alan Moore.

Runaway victors in the doubles gang were Philippa Taylor and Margaret Tasker, with the runners-up being Lyn Bolton and Ken Karran.


Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 January:

The final weekend of the festive break had another two afternoons of round robins in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club with the entrants enjoying dry conditions in both sessions.

Yellow jack group winners on Saturday were Louis Callister and Peter Hughes who just pipped Ken Karran and Tricia Bull; with the victors from the other gang being Alec Taylor and Alan Moore, second going to Rita Callister and Dave Kelly.

A slightly larger entry the following day was once again played as doubles and after a roll-up Stefan Kelly and Bob Berry emerged as victors ahead of Louis Callister and Alan Moore, and in third it was Lil Smith and Rita Callister.

Heading the second group on this occasion were Steve Moore and Peter Karran; second went to Alec Taylor and Jean Thackrah, with Dave Kelly and Peter Hughes just missing out in third.