Close win for Nobles by just 3 points

Onchan A v Nobles 79-82 (3-3)  With nobles 1 player short they had to dig deep, Paula Firth and Sue Gawne helped the case by winning 21-3 and 21-5. The game’s finished drawn at  3-3. But Nobles took the overall win by just 3 points.

Marown took advantage of castletown being a player short to take the win against Castletown B 115-68 (4-2) Judith Moore for Castletown B just lost out to Joyce Ogden 21-19. 

Port Erin A v Mooragh Park A 101-107 (3-3) This was another close game of the day, with the Visitors Mooragh Park A just edging the win by 6 points. Rita Callister for Port Erin A just lost 20-21 to Karen McGurgan. Mooragh Park’s Janet Monk won 21-6 and Port Erin’s Caroline Whitehead 21-09.

Ballaugh hosted Port Erin B 121-73 (5-1) Ballaugh were close to a full house, but Susan Inch from Port Erin B took a 21-16 win to put a halt on that.

Iris Kermode also stopped Peel Sunset winning all their games against Finch Hill 121-85 (5-1) with a 21-16 win over Peel’s Cath Parker. Beverley Wilson gained her first O60’s win for the Peel side.

The third 5-1 game of the day was at Mooragh Park where the B team played Douglas A 58-109 (5-1) Mary Bruce was the lone winner to single figures, as were Paula Garrett, Pauline Cowley and Lin Ruscoe for Douglas A.

Castletown A v South Ramsey 77-110 (2-4) Anne Oates for the home side won 21-9 and Sue Peach managed to just hold off Moira Anderson 21-17. The Ramsey side winners were Ann Gale, Gillian Jopson, Sue Collier and Elaine Moore.

Later in the week Castletown B v Ballaugh 107-114 (2-4) This game could have gone either way with lots of close results. Castletown B winners Linda Dobson 21-19, Pat Rigby 21-11 and Ballaugh’s Maureen Trustham 21-14, Michelle Cubbon 21-12, Julie Reilly 21-20, Brenda Bowyer 21-19.

Mooragh Park A v Castletown A 99-112 (2-4) Where Castletown A fought to the end with both Elaine McElroy and Hillary Kermode both winning 21-20.

Douglas A hosted Peel Sunset in a very close set of games with both teams having a 21-13 win and a 21-2 win. But with Lin Ruscoe for the Douglas side winning 21-6 and Shirley Corrin from Peel 21-9. Douglas A took the win by just 3 points.

Marown v Port St Mary A 112-90 (4-2) Phillippa Taylor was on a roll this week clocking up a good 21-4 win to help her team take the win. The rest of the games were a lot closer reaching double figures.

Finch Hill were all over Onchan A winning 115-62 (4-2) With Lil Smith and Ann Hon for Finch Hill both winning 21-2 and Mary O’Conner winning 21-3. Maureen Payne for Onchan just managed to hold off Jan Osbourne 21-20

Port Erin B v Mooragh Park B 115-76 (4-2) Mooragh Park B winners were Fances Radcliffe and Gillian Malpass. Gwen Tuck and Kay Primrose-Smith both had good wins for the Port Erin side to help secure them the overall win. 

Nobles were unfortunate to be a player short for the second time this week when they were hosts to Port Erin A who took full advantage. Sue Gawne for Nobles won 21-6. But Jenny Cain Port Erin won 21-3 and they secured the win. Nobles 83 – 101 Port Erin A (3-3)