Castletown B claim victory with only 3 game wins

Ladies Open age League were the only Matches played in TT practice week and Castletown B had a successful home win after only winning 3 games to 6 against Port St Mary who unfortunately were a player short. Winning only 3 games, but dropping only 35 points on the 6 games they lost this helped them secure the win 154-147.

Ballaugh A were the only team to pick up maximum points when they hosted their B team. Sandra Buckeridge narrowly lost out 21-20 for the B team. 

Castletown B 154-147 Port St Mary (3-6)

Port Erin 121-182 Castletown A (1-8)

Mooragh Park 117-166 South Ramsey (2-7)

Marown B 146-164 Nobles (4-5)

Peel Sunset 141-172 Marown A (3-6)

Ballaugh A 189-72 Ballaugh B (9-0)