C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ League Friday 21 July

The wet weather on Friday 21 July meant that two games had to be postponed in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league. Despite the miserable conditions Port Erin found their journey north to Douglas to be well worthwhile, winning 8 of the 9 games, five of them to single figures. The lone winner for the home side was Brenda Williams, although Pat Kelly nearly added a second game, reaching 20 against Carol Kaye. Castletown travelled even further north and struggled at South Ramsey, winning just three games, Hannah Drewett to single figures, while the home side won three of their six games to single figures. There was a ding-dong battle between Fiona Kennish and Ann Hollingworth, with Fiona just coming through 21-20.Nobles also won 6-3 on games, four of the wins being to single figures while the three winners for the home side were Maureen Lacey, Julie Reilly and Diana White. Things were more evenly matched at Ballaugh where the home side led 5-4 on games with Brenda Bowyer and Alison Millard winning to single figures as did Jo Smith for the visitors.