Busy week for Over 60’s Ladies

Onchan A played Mooragh Park A, winning 4-2 and by just 2 points 105-103. Mooragh Park had 3 close games at 17,18 and 19.

Peel Sunset had a good win over Nobles 106 V 96 (4-2) with Shirley Corrin (Peel) and Dee Lewis (Nobles) both winning their games 21-6. Libby Andrade came a close second after just losing out to Peels Mary Moffett 21-20

Port St Mary A travelled across to Castletown B to draw on games, but take the win 90-105.(3-3)

Mooragh Park B Struggled this week at home to Finch Hill 65 V 117 (1-5). Gillian Malpass was the only Northern side to win 21-12. 

 Ballagh 120 V 88 Douglas A (4-2) Douglas A winners Kay McKierman 21-19 and Pauline Cowley 21-17 just stopped the Ballagh sie picking up a full house.

Marown hosted Port Erin B winning 3 of the games to single figures. Kay Primrose-Smith 21-17 and Gwen Tuck 21-20 put Marowns chances of a full house to a halt. 121 V 75 (4-2)

South Ramsey travelled the coast to Port Erin A 89 V 115 (3-3) which finished level on games, with 2 close 21-20 games and South Ramsey taking the win on points. 

On the second games of the week. Nobles produced some good single figure wins to take the match against Onchan A 122 V 51 (5-1) Maureen Payne was Onchans lone winner 21-17.

Mooragh Park A 116 V 69 Port Erin A (5-1)The Ramsey side were on top form winning 2 of the games to single figures. The Southsides only winner was Pauline Worrall 21-11.

Port Erin B 70 V 115 Ballaugh (2-4) Rose Watterson 21-2 and Barbara Graham 21-4 both had great wins for the Ballaugh Side. Port Erin B winners were Kay Primrose-Smith 21-18 and Gwen Tuck 21-13.

Finch Hill 86 V 111 Peel Sunset (2-4) Mary Moffatt 21-2 and Joyce Kelly 21-7 are showing their experience and played some fantastic bowls on the away green. 

South Ramsey 85 V 109 Castletown A (2-4) this was a match pretty even on games with the exception of Castletowns Hillary Kermode 21-7 and Kath Kinley 21-4 wins.

Castletown B 97 V 115 Marown (2-4) The Castletown green played its usual home advantage and Marown struggled to take the usual easy win and had to dig deep to win this one. Full credit to Castletown B who pushed hard to gain all the points that they did.

Douglas A 116 V 50 Mooragh Park B (5-1) Douglas A were on fire in this game, winning 3 of the games 21-5 and Sue McCourt also taking a 21-3 win. Chris Simms for the Ramsey side won her game 21.11.