Ballaugh Association Plate winners

On Wednesday 13th Sept Peel Bowling Club Hosted the Ladies Association Plate Final.

Castletown A (+20)  V Ballaugh (+33) 

Both teams arrived with a good amount of spectators, all in good form for an evening of entertaining bowls. Michelle Cubbon, captain of the Ballaugh team, always smiling and encouraging her fellow teammates, stepped onto the green first to lead her team. 

After the first half results

Sue Peach 8-21 Michelle Cubbon

Amanda Lawler 21-9 Barbara Graham

Alison Kearsley 21-13 Lola Tebay

Stella Watterson 21-8 Rose Waterworth

Tracy Moore 6 -21 Louise Tebay

Castletown 97 v 105 Ballaugh including handicaps.

So at this stage it was all still anyone’s game.

Hilary Kermode Put Castletown A in front 21-11 Julie Reilly

Jenny Saunders 14 -21 Maria Dimsdale

Hannah Drewett 18-21 Mat Mason

So with the last game still playing the scores were Castletown A 150 V 158

Kim Foy 21 – 18 Cath Harvey 

This gave a final score and win to Ballaugh by just 5 points

Castletown A 171 V 176 Ballaugh

Michelle was over the moon to collect the Association Plate on behalf of her Ballaugh team, and thanked all her players and supporters. Castletown A’s Captain Hannah Drewett thanked ballaugh for a great night of games played in fine sportsmanship. The Ladies Association thanked Peel Bowling Club and their members for their help on the night and the refreshments provided.