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Microgaming ‘PlayItForward’ Doubles

The Microgaming ‘PlayItForward’ sponsored Ladies’ Doubles competition took place on Saturday, 15 June 2019, at Castletown Bowls Club.

The Heavens smiled not just upon the remarkable winning pair of Tricia Bull and Margaret Tasker but upon all 22 pairs who had entered. Blue skies, wispy clouds and glorious sunshine complemented the cheerful spirit in which all of the games were played.

Fighting strong from the preliminary round, last year’s winners Jenny Moore and Fiona Kennish finally succumbed 17:21 in the semi-final to the superb pairing of Tricia Bull and Margaret Tasker.

Congratulations go also to the other semi-finalists, of whom Chris Price and Jean Radcliffe kept the upper hand over Lynda Cadamy and Mary Alderson 21-16 in an equally superb game.

An exciting final saw both pairs exchanging the lead numerous times, causing the watching crowd to ‘uh and ah’ with delight on more than one occasion. In the end, Tricia Bull and Margaret Tasker clinched victory over Chris Price and Jean Radcliffe 21-16.