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Last Thursday saw three quarter finals of the Jean Kelly knockout competition being played. Marown A had a comfortable home win against Port St Mary, as did Castletown A away to Mooragh Park. Closest game of the night was between South Ramsey and Onchan with South winning by a margin of 3.  The remaining quarter final between Marown B  and Peel is being held this Thursday. 

Results : South Ramsey (+25) 191, Onchan (+44) 188; Mooragh Park (+41) 185, Castletown A (+28) 205; Marown A (+5) 191, Port St Mary (+30) 163

Friday night’s open age league produced some interesting scores especially the match between Marown A and Port St Mary.  Having lost to Marown the previous night in the Jean Kelly competition Port were in no mood for a repeat performance winning by 40 points.  Chris Price and Kellie Maddrell for Port both won to single figures with Philippa Taylor having the best score for Marown winning to 10.  The two closest games were between Lynda Cadamy (Marown) and Margie Tasker;  Elaine Dewhirst (Marown) and Trish Bull with Lynda winning to 20 and Trish winning to 18. Castletown B had a good away win against Ballaugh with Christine McDonald, Michelle Cubbon, Elaine Fenton (Ballaugh) and Rachel Palmer (Castletown) all winning 21-20.  South Ramsey travelled to Port Erin with Lauren Groen for South coming back from 17-12 to win 21-20.  Mooragh Park played host to Peel with Janet Monk and Shannon McMullan (Mooragh) plus Gill Clarke (Peel) winning their games to single figures. 

Results : Onchan 170 (5), Marown B 127 (4); Mooragh Park 157 (6), Peel 145 (3); Port Erin 135 (2), South Ramsey 169 (7); Marown A 137 (2), Port St Mary 173 (7); Ballaugh 161 (4), Castletown B 170 (5); Castletown A 185 (8), Douglas 100 (1)

Ballaugh had a good away win against Onchan B on Tuesday in the Over 60s league winning by 31 points.  Julie Reilly and Maureen Trustham (Ballaugh) both won to single figures with Sue McCourt (Onchan) getting to 12 against Barbara Graham.  Closest game was between Norma Cowell (Onchan) and Brenda Bowyer with Brenda just edging out Norma 21-18.  The two winners for Onchan were Libby Andrade and Ann Davies who won to 14 and 15 respectively. Castletown A hosted Port St Mary.  This was always going to be tough match and it didn’t disappointment.  Hilary Kermode and Ann Hollingworth (Castletown) had tough games against Trish Bull and Wendy Kennaugh with Hilary winning to 16 and Trish to 15.  Only player to win to single figures was Mavis Franks (Port).  Peel were home to Onchan A.  Again this was a fairly close match with Joyce Kelly and Mary Moffatt (Peel) winning to single figures with the best score for Onchan being Dee Lewis winning to 12 against Pat Robertson.  Finch Hill travelled to Ramsey for their match against Mooragh Park B with Jan Osborne, Brenda Williams and Iris Kermode (Finch) all winning to single figures.  

Results : Marown 110 (4), Mooragh Park A 76 (2);  Castletown A 90 (2), Port St Mary 113 (4); Onchan B 82 (2), Ballaugh 113 (4);  Mooragh Park, B 66 (0), Finch Hill 126 (6);  South Ramsey 118 (3), Port Erin 101 (3); Peel Sunset 112 (4), Onchan A 90 (2); Port St Mary B 126 (6), Castletown B 44 (0)


Last week saw the first of a double set off league fixtures in the Open Age Ladies Crown Green Bowls.  On Wednesday night Onchan had a good home win against an improving Castletown B. Game of the match was between Caroline Corlett (Onchan) and Ann Hollingworth.  It was nip and tuck throughout with Caroline eventually winning 21-20. Another good contest was between two junior bowlers Grace Gawne (Onchan) and Charlotte Peach. Grace was on excellent form winning to 7.   Jo Smith, Joanne Kelly, Sue Gawne and Maureen Payne (Onchan) all won to single figures, with Barbara Young (Castletown) winning to 11 against another junior bowler, Lily Gawne.  Mooragh Park played  Port St Mary at home.  It was a close match throughout with Jayne Kneen (PSM) being the only player to win to single figures. Castletown A had a good home win against Marown A. 

Results : Onchan 178 (7), Castletown B 108 (2); Port Erin 164 (6), Douglas 139 (3); Mooragh Park 150 (4), Port St Mary A 159 (5); Marown B 111 (4), South Ramsey 133 (5); Ballaugh 166 (6), Peel 41 (3), Castletown A 176 (8) Marown A 123 (1).  

Friday night saw Douglas take on Ballaugh at home. This was a close encounter with Ballaugh winning by nine points.  Jan West, Paula Garrett and Harley Garrett (Douglas) won to single figures as did Cath Harvey, Christine McDonald and Elaine Fenton for Ballaugh.  The two closest games saw Emma Sayle (Douglas) losing to 17 against Pat Mason with Rose Waterworth (Ballaugh) losing to the same score against Jane Lothian. Mooragh Park travelled to Crosby for their match against Marown A with Philippa Taylor, Jayne Smith, Lynda Cadamy and Lil Smith for Marown winning to single figures.  Janet Monk had the best score for Mooragh winning to 11. Port St Mary played host to Marown B.  Only two of the nine games made double figures, these were Trish Bull and Nicola Cain (Port) winning to 16 and 20 against Debbie Leece and Helen Withers.  

Results : Castletown B 185 (8), Port Erin 98 (1); South Ramsey 165 (6), Onchan 161 (3); Port St Mary 157 (7), Marown B 109 (2); Marown A 172 (7), Mooragh Park 102 (2); Peel Sunset 111 (2) Castletown A 181 (7); Douglas 131 (4), Ballaugh 140 (5)

Over 60’s. The closest match last Thursday morning was between Onchan A and Port St Mary A with Onchan winning four games to two.  The two winners for Port St Mary A were Chris Price and Margie Tasker who both won to 16 with Paula Firth for Onchan winning to single figures. Peel Sunset played host to Finch Hill.  Peel were on good form with Pat Robertson and Lynda Wilson winning to single figures, with Lil Smith for Finch winning to 14. The only team to get a full house was Mooragh Park A against Castletown B, with Janet Monk winning to 7 and Pat Lenton to 3. 

Results : Mooragh Park A 126 (6), Castletown B 64 (0); Marown 108 (5), Ballaugh 70 (1); Castletown A 120 (5), Port Erin A 62 (1); Onchan A 116 (4), Port St Mary A 89 (2); South Ramsey 123 (5), Onchan B 70 (1); Peel Sunset 119 (5), Finch Hill 73 (1); Port St Mary B 119 (5), Mooragh Park B 50 (1). 

There were four maximums on Tuesday morning with Onchan A having a good win to 74 against Marown; Finch Hill won to 73 against Onchan B; Port Erin to 79 against Mooragh Park B, whilst the home derby between Castletown B and A resulted in a convincing win for the A team to 32. 

Results : Onchan A 126 (6), Marown 74 (0); Ballaugh 95 (3), Port St Mary B 104 (3); Castletown B 32 (0), Castletown A 126 (6); Port St Mary A 111 (4), Peel Sunset 91 (2); Finch Hill 126 (6), Onchan B 73 (0); Mooragh Park A 87 (2), South Ramsey 119 (4); Port Erin 126 (6), Mooragh Park B 79 (0)

The remaining prelim match in the Jean Kelly knockout competition was played last Thursday. Result including individual handicaps, Castletown A (+19) 182, Douglas (+58) 180.  

Good Win for Peel Sunset

Peel Sunset played host to Port Erin last Friday night.  Peel won 7-2 and by 41 points, but apart from Joyce Kelly for Peel winning to single figures, all the other games made it into the teens.  Closest games were between Terri Berry (Peel) and Pauline Worrall, and Shirley Corrin (Peel) against Di Benson with Terri and Shirley winning to 18 and 16 respectively. The two winners for Port Erin were Jean Thackrah and Voirrey Curphey winning to 15 and 12 against Louise Horsfall and Sue Jones.  Onchan also had a good win away to Douglas with Sue Gawne, Jo Smith, Maureen Payne and Dee Lewis all winning to single figures, as did Paula Garrett for Douglas.  Ballaugh travelled to Crosby for their game against Marown A. Game of the match was between Philippa Taylor (Marown) and Pat Mason with Pat just getting over the line winning 21-20.

Results: Marown A 167 (6) Ballaugh 130 (3); Port St Mary 171 (6) South Ramsey 140 (3); Castletown B 140 (6) Marown B 128 (3); Douglas 108 (3)) Onchan 155 (6);  Mooragh Park 147 (3) Castletown A 170 (6); Peel Sunset 174 (7) Port Erin 133 (2)

Over 60’s League: Due to the adverse weather last Thursday only three matches were played with the other four matches being rearranged. Marown played Port St Mary A at home.  It is a rare occurrence, but the match finished three all in games with both teams scoring 98 points. The closest game was between Joyce Ogden (Marown) and Trish Bull with Trish winning to 17. The only player to win to single figures was Wendy Kennaugh for Port. South Ramsey rearranged their game against Mooragh Park B on Monday morning.  South were on form winning all six games.

Results: Mooragh Park A 84 (1) Onchan A 107 (5), Peel Sunset 126 (6) Castletown B 40 (0), Marown 98 (3) Port St Mary A 98 (3), South Ramsey 1126 (6) Mooragh Park B 36 (0).

Tuesday’s matches were played in better conditions. Peel Sunset were the only club to get maximum points.

Results: Ballaugh 89 (0) Peel Sunset 126 (6), Port Erin 106 (3) Port St Mary B 92 (3), Onchan A 110 (4) South Ramsey 105 (2), Finch Hill 102 (1) Castletown A 124 (5), Castletown B 77 (2) Marown 106 (4), Mooragh Park B 74 (2) Onchan B 113 (4), Port St Mary A 118 (5) Mooragh Park A 75 (1)

Jean Kelly Competition : The preliminary round was played last week with the new individual handicaps in place.  Three of the four prelim matches were played, result between Castletown A and Douglas awaited.

Results: Castletown B (+54) 162  Port St Mary A (+30) 206; Port Erin (+37) 164  Marown B (+48) 176; Peel Sunset (+42) 204  Ballaugh (+53) 187

Moores’ The Merrier

On Sunday, Marown Bowling Club hosted the Ladies Association Top Lady competition consisting of 32 invitational bowlers.   It was a very blustery and cold day brightening up for the final.   

Going through to the semi finals were mother and daughter Elaine and Jenny Moore (South Ramsey) who played each other, with Janet Monk (Mooragh Park) up against Tracy Moore (Castletown). Although Elaine and Janet tried their best, Jenny and Tracy were on form winning comfortably to 11 and 10.   

In the final Jenny had the better start going 15-7 up on 16th end. Tracy dug deep, started to pull back points and by the 26th end it was 19-16 to Jenny.  Tracy managed to score two more points before Jenny ran out winning 21-18.  The final was certainly exciting to watch for those who stayed.  

President of the IoM Ladies Crown Green Bowls, Sue Gawne, presented the trophy. Jenny thanked Marown for hosting the event, Gill Morgan for the smooth running of the competition, and all her opponents.

Maximums galore

Tuesday morning saw four out of the seven matches getting maximums of 126 points.  The closest match was between Mooragh Park A playing Finch Hill. Although the match was three all in games, Finch Hill won on points. Overall score : Mooragh Park A 86 (3), Finch Hill 97 (3).

Results : Castletown A 125 (6), Onchan B 50 (0); Marown 126 (6), Port Erin A 58 (0); Onchan A 118 (5), Ballaugh 78 (1); Port St Mary A 126 (6), Castletown B 42 (0); South Ramsey 124 (5), Port St Mary B 75 (1); Peel Sunset 126 (6), Mooragh Park B 26 (0).

Castletown A continue strong start

Mooragh Park played host to Port Erin on Friday night. It was a tight match both on points and games.  The closest games of the night saw Maureen Hamilton (Mooragh) winning to 18, with Rita Callister and Carol Kaye (Port Erin) winning to 18 and 19 respectively. There were comfortable wins for Shannon McMullan (Mooragh) and Di Benson (Port Erin) who both won to single figures.  Overall score : Mooragh Park 160-Port Erin 148 (five games to four).

Results : Castletown A 183 (8), Ballaugh 107 (1); Douglas 120 (3), South Ramsey 162 (6); Marown A 154 (4), Onchan 163 (5); Peel Sunset 166 (5), Marown B 141 (4); Port St Mary 183 (7), Castletown  94 (2)

It may only be the second week, but Castletown A have started strongest out of the starting blocks with two good wins followed by Port St Mary.  These two teams are playing each other on Friday and, as in previous years, it may prove to be a close affair.

Ladies Crown Green Bowling Gets Underway

Ladies crown green bowling got underway on Friday night with the Open Age League following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.   It has been a bitter-sweet start to the bowling season with a couple of teams withdrawing from the Open Age League and Over 60s league due to dwindling club numbers and a couple of clubs forming a second team having increased membership of ‘new to the game lady bowlers’; Junior lady bowlers and bowlers transferring from other clubs.   Given these changes, this season has the promise of being an interesting one.

Featured match from the opening week in the Open Age Night League was between the newly formed Marown B playing host to their stable mates Marown A. This match was played on Thursday evening due to Marown having the official opening of their new clubhouse on the Friday evening.  Two new bowlers for Marown B, Jo Corkill and Amanda Butler, took on Marown A’s Elaine Dewhirst and Joyce Ogden respectively. Although Jo and Amanda played well they struggled against the more experienced bowlers with both losing 4-21.   The three junior lady bowlers of Marown B are sisters Grace and Emily Cooper (playing league bowls for the first time) and Rebekah Kelly.   Grace played Lynda Cadamy, Emily took on Marown A’s captain Lil Smith with Rebekah playing Shirley Whelan.   All three girls played exceptionally well, but couldn’t quite get over the line with Grace losing to 13, Emily losing to 6 and Rebekah losing to 3.  Next game saw Rebecca Teare for Marown B playing Philippa Taylor.  On paper this was always going to be a close game and it didn’t disappoint with Philippa eventually running out 21-18.   The two closest games of the night saw Deborah Leece for Marown B taking on Jayne Smith and Helen Withers, Marown B’s captain, playing Rosie Winckle.   Both games were nick and tuck throughout with Deborah losing 20-21 to Jayne and Helen beating Rosie by the same score line.  The remaining game was between Clare Cooper for Marown B and Celia Joughin for Marown A; this resulted in a comfortable 21-4 win for Clare.  Overall score: Marown B 110 – Marown A 171 (two games to seven).   

The remaining Open Age league matches were played on Friday.  There were some very close results, especially South Ramsey who lost on games, but won on points. 

Results :Onchan147123Mooragh Park(6-3)
 Port Erin107179Castletown A(2-7)
 South Ramsey161146Peel(4-5)
 Ballaugh136157Port St Mary(4-5)
 Castletown B175151Douglas(6-3)

Ladies IOM Pairs

Last Sunday, the Ladies Association I.o.M Pairs competition took place at Douglas Bowling club with an entry of 18 pairs.   The weather stayed warm and sunny with some excellent bowling being played and enjoyed by all.  Getting through to the semi-finals were the pairings of Paula Garrett and Kay McKiernan (Douglas); Kim Hargraves and Shelley Kennish (South Ramsey); Philippa Taylor and Joyce Ogden (Marown) and Gill Dixon and Elaine Moore (South Ramsey).  The first semi saw Paula and Kay take on Kim and Shelley. The Douglas pair were always a step ahead with Paula especially playing some excellent end-winning bowls and after 16 ends they ran out winning 21-14.   The second semi-final was a much closer affair with Philippa and Joyce playing Gill and Elaine.  Both pairs played well, but credit must be given to Joyce and Gill who, playing at the back, bowled some amazing end-winning bowls.  At the 25th end it was 20 across; with Philippa and Joyce lying game, Gill played a great pressure wood to win the end and game 21-20. 

In the final Gill and Elaine started off strongest and on the 10th end led 15-8.   Paula and Kay picked up their pace, dug deep and with good bowls started to crawl back some of the points; unfortunately for them it was too little too late with Gill and Elaine scoring a four on the 17th end to win 21-14.

President of the Ladies Association, Sue Gawne, presented Gill and Elaine with the Pairs trophy saying it had been a good afternoon of bowling, thanking those who had stayed to watch the final. Elaine thanked Douglas Bowling Club for hosting the event, the Ladies Association competition committee on a very well run competition, all their opponents, but most of all thanked Gill for playing and pulling her out of some ‘tight spots’.

The Ladies Association Top Lady competition is being held at Marown Bowling Club this Sunday starting at 12 noon.   This is an invitational competition only and for all lady bowlers taking part please note it is strict dress code.   It would be greatly appreciated if as many spectators as possible could attend to support those playing.

Castletown A Open With Highest Score

The first set of fixtures in the Over 60s Ladies League was played on Tuesday morning.   Although the Over 60s league has lost two teams this season (Douglas and Port Erin B), the league has gained a new team (Onchan B). The closest match on points was between Finch Hill and Onchan A.  Jan Osborne for Finch Hill won to single figures, as did Paula Firth and Dee Lewis for Onchan A.  

Results :Ballaugh92114Port St Mary A(1-5)
 Onchan B80117Peel Sunset(2-4)
 Port St Mary B83123Castletown A(2-4)
 Mooragh Park B61121Marown(1-5)
 Castletown B70107South Ramsey(2-4)
 Finch Hill7798Onchan A(2-4)
 Port Erin87110Mooragh Park A(2-4)

On looking at individual results from the above, it is encouraging for the game of crown green bowls to see quite a few junior lady bowlers playing in the Open Age league and new adult bowlers playing in the Open Age league and Over 60s ladies league.  I sincerely hope they enjoy the experience and camaraderie of a great sport.