2016 Fixtures

The website has been updated with all fixtures and competitions for the 2016 season.

Just click on Mens/Ladies etc and you will see the first set of matches. The menu on the right will allow you to see the full fixture list and don’t forget you can click on a team and link to see the fixtures/results for just that team.

If anyone wants to download the league fixtures or opens in Excel format which may help clubs with their own books please use the links below

Download -> Opens
Download -> Men Night League
Download -> Ladies Night League
Download -> Men Over 60s League
Download -> Ladies Over 60s League
Download -> All 2016 League Fixtures

We are working on providing further content on the website (e.g. Association/Exec, Development, County etc) and further updates will hopefully be made before the new season commences. In the meantime a summary of the areas updated on the website is below.

Website Updates (8th March)

  • Opens
    • List of opens (Further update for full open details once clubs return info)
  • Men
    • League Fixtures
    • Rayner Shield Draw
    • Captains (awaiting some clubs still)
    • Rayner Shield/Plate Rules following EGM
  • Men Over 60s
    • League Fixtures
    • Ismay & Mini Cup Draw
    • League Rules
    • Ismay/Mini Cup Rules
    • Captains
  • Ladies
    • League Fixtures
    • Jean Kelly Draw
    • Captains
    • Rule Changes
  • Ladies Over 60s
    • League Fixtures
    • Captains
    • Rule Changes