League Rules

  1. The league shall be called “THE ISLE OF MAN COUNTY CROWN GREEN BOWLING LEAGUE”, hereinafter called the ‘LEAGUE”.
  2. Affiliated Clubs may apply to enter one or more teams in the League at the A.G.M., and according to team entries the Executive Committee may compile one or more divisions, each as far as possible having the same number of teams. At the end of the season the BOTTOM team of Division 1 shall be relegated to Division 2, and the TOP team of Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1. In Division 2 the BOTTOM team will be relegated to Division 3, and the TOP team in Division 3 will be promoted. Other places for promotion and relegation will be decided by the Executive Committee. Winners of the 1st Division to hold the Warburton Trophy, the 2nd Division the Rayner Cup, and the 3rd Division the Chatel Cup.
  3. Once any player has played 3 games for a higher ranked team in a division, he may not play for a lower ranked team in that division.
  4. Each team to consist of 8 players, and each player must be a registered member of his Club. No player can play for more than one Club in one season. (Except when under special circumstances the Executive Committee may permit a transfer).
  5. Any player having played FIVE or more matches in a premier or higher division is restricted, and may not play in a lower or minor division. A player is restricted to playing in for a single team per NUMBERED MATCH.
  6. Each team to play each team HOME & AWAY, the FIRST team named on the fixture list being the Home team. All games 21 up off scratch. Standard Jacks to be used in all matches. Visitors to have the first cast of the Jack.
  7. If no official Referee is appointed, after consultation with the opposing captain, the HOME team captain will decide the point at issue.
  8. All matches to be played in the evening on the date shown in the Fixtures List starting not later than 7.00 p.m. (except by mutual agreement of the Captains and the Competition Secretary). Captains will nominate their 8 players before the match commences at 7.00 p.m., any nominated player not present at 7.30 p.m. must be substituted. This substituted player must be present at 7.30 p.m.
  9. No practicing by either side is permitted on the match green within one hour of the start time. Any player offending will become ineligible.
  10. League points awarded: 1 point for each game won plus 2 points for the highest aggregate chalks score or, in the event of this being equal, 1 point each.
  11. The winner of each division will receive a cash prize and the Trophy. The runner up will receive a cash prize. The Executive Committee will decide the amount of the cash prize.
  12. In the event of two or more teams being equal after completion of all fixtures the team with the highest points for games (Rule 10) will be placed above the others, if still equal the team with the highest chalks total. If still equal the team with least chalks against, if still equal the team with best chalks total in a head to head matches, if still equal executive to organize play off if need for promotion or relegation.
  13. In the event of weather or any other circumstance interfering with play or the start of play, the Referee will decide whether to play or not. (The green keeper must be consulted if he is present). All completed games to count. Any game not completed is void and shall be replayed. Substitutes will be allowed for the replayed games. In the event of a result not being produced the match MUST either start or continue on the next evening the green is available unless by mutual agreement between both Captains and the Competition Organiser.
  14. Any ineligible player shall be deemed to have lost 21-0 and the result card altered accordingly. Also the team to be deducted a further four league points. This penalty must be enforced each and every time an ineligible player or players take part in a match.
  15. Four league points will be deducted from any team failing to fulfil a fixture.
  16. Results sheets
    1. Result sheet must include FIRST and LAST names of players written in BLOCK CAPITALS.  Home and Away captains are responsible for checking their own team is correct on the sheet.
    2. Result sheet of matches to be checked and signed by both team captains on completion of the match
    3. HOME team captain to forward the result sheet directly after the match is completed by post or electronically by means of a photo of the signed result card.
    4. If sent electronically it is the HOME teams captain responsibility to retain the result card until it has been processed by the Competition Organiser.
  17. A subscription will be fixed at the Annual General Meeting to be paid per player, per match, to the league. This can be in two equal installments. The first to be paid before the end of the first part of the season, the second before the end of the season. Alternatively any Club may pay in full before the League Fixtures commence.
  18. In the event of any protests or disputes, written notice must be sent in duplicate to the Association Secretary within FOUR days of the incident and a copy sent to the Club concerned. The matter to be discussed by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.
  19. In the event of a team withdrawing from the league during the season, all records of matches played to be expunged from the records and any outstanding balance of dues to be paid in full.
  20. These leagues shall be governed by the “Laws of the Game of Crown Green Bowls”, which are in force for the time being, with the exception of Rule 9.10. and Rule 10.1. for those in the Emergency services.
  21. In the event of a League Team having two or more of its players unavailable for a match due to the player being off the Island representing the l.O.M.C.C.G.B.A. such team may apply to the Association to have the match postponed. within two weeks of the player being notified of selection. Such application to be received by the Association Secretary within two weeks of the player being notified of selection. The match being rearranged by mutual agreement between the two clubs. Representing the Island means playing off the Island in a continuation of an Isle of Man Competition or by invitation through the Executive.
  22. The Executive Committee shall have power to decide any matter not provided for in these rules.