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TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Men's Division 1
1Peel Sunset A-:-Castletown A
Rayner Plate (Sponsored by Ron Williams)
PrelimOnchan C (+60)-:-Finch Hill B (+80)

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TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Men's Division 1
3Port Erin A9-1(153-111)Douglas B
3Onchan A6-4(146-113)South Ramsey B
3Port St Mary A2-8(110-151)Marown A
3Marown B2-8(122-146)Peel Sunset A
3South Ramsey A9-1(159-117)North Ramsey A
3Douglas A9-1(167-96)Castletown A
Men's Division 2
3Nobles A9-1(166-120)Port St Mary B
3Peel Sunset B8-2(159-101)Nobles B
3Ballaugh A9-1(160-90)Port Erin B
3Castletown B8-2(155-94)Finch Hill A
TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Men's Division 1
1Port St Mary A8-2(163-106)Port Erin A
Men's Division 2
3Onchan B9-1(167-110)Port St Mary C
3Peel Sunset C7-3(142-111)North Ramsey B
Men's Division 3
3South Ramsey C8-2(145-112)Peel Sunset D
3Castletown C4-6(135-144)Marown C
3Ballaugh B8-2(149-100)Onchan C
3Douglas D2-8(90-152)Ballaugh C
3Finch Hill B7-3(136-128)South Ramsey D