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TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Ladies Over 60s League
5BreagleNo ResultMooragh Park B
5Ballaugh77-114(2-4)Port Erin A
5Port St Mary B94-103(3-3)Castletown
5Onchan A95-107(1-5)Port St Mary A

Venue: South Ramsey

Mooragh Park A107-101(3-3)Peel Sunset
5Marown90-74(4-2)South Ramsey
5Villa87-84(2-4)Douglas A

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TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Ladies Over 60s League
4South RamseyPostponedVilla
4Nobles107-81(4-2)Onchan A

Venue: Ballaugh

Mooragh Park B54-126(0-6)Marown
4Peel Sunset126-69(6-0)Port St Mary B
4Port St Mary A126-45(6-0)Breagle
4Douglas A75-98(3-3)Ballaugh
4Port Erin A99-80(4-2)Mooragh Park A