Group Stage

TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Group A - Game 1South Ramsey116-69(5-1)Onchan A
Group A - Game 1Port Erin B48-126(0-6)Port St Mary A
Group D - Game 1Finch Hill A109-94(4-2)Marown
Group C - Game 1Douglas A59-117(1-5)Port Erin A
Group B - Game 1Port St Mary B113-93(4-2)Ballaugh
Group B - Game 1Castletown A126-63(6-0)Mooragh Park A
Group B - Game 2Castletown A120-71(4-2)Port St Mary B
Group B - Game 2Mooragh Park A72-111(1-5)Ballaugh
Group A - Game 2Port St Mary A122-83(5-1)Onchan A
Group A - Game 2Port Erin B77-117(1-5)South Ramsey
Group C - Game 2Peel Sunset126-49(6-0)Douglas A
Group D - Game 2Marown126-52(6-0)Castletown B
Group C - Game 3Port Erin A105-92(3-3)Peel Sunset
Group D - Game 3Castletown B69-113(1-5)Finch Hill A
Group A - Game 3South Ramsey75-125(1-5)Port St Mary A
Group A - Game 3Onchan A111-79(5-1)Port Erin B
Group B - Game 3Ballaugh106-95(4-2)Castletown A
Group B - Game 3Port St Mary B116-90(4-2)Mooragh Park A
Group C - Game 4Port Erin A126-63(6-0)Douglas A
Group B - Game 4Mooragh Park A85-125(1-5)Castletown A
Group A - Game 4Port St Mary A115-60(5-1)Port Erin B
Group D - Game 4Marown122-102(5-1)Finch Hill A
Group A - Game 4Onchan A104-90(4-2)South Ramsey
Group B - Game 4Ballaugh97-72(3-3)Port St Mary B
Group B - Game 5Port St Mary B92-110(3-3)Castletown A
Group B - Game 5Ballaugh115-95(3-3)Mooragh Park A
Group D - Game 5Castletown B41-105(1-5)Marown
Group A - Game 5South Ramsey104-92(4-2)Port Erin B
Group A - Game 5Onchan A97-94(3-3)Port St Mary A
Group C - Game 5Douglas A52-126(0-6)Peel Sunset
Group D - Game 6Finch Hill A120-80(4-2)Castletown B
Group B - Game 6Mooragh Park A116-92(4-2)Port St Mary B
Group B - Game 6Castletown A126-69(6-0)Ballaugh
Group A - Game 6Port St Mary A120-64(5-1)South Ramsey
Group A - Game 6Port Erin B88-117(1-5)Onchan A
Group C - Game 6Peel Sunset88-100(4-2)Port Erin A

Play Offs

Semi Final

TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Semi Final

Venue: Port Erin

Port St Mary A95-95(3-3)Marown
Marown win the match by having the best individual winner.
Semi Final

Venue: Peel Sunset

Castletown A109-104(3-3)Port Erin A


TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway

Venue: Nobles 1

Marown103-108(2-4)Castletown A