Each player has been allocated a handicap for the 2022 season. Handicaps are based on players individual results from the 2021 league season.

Other Players
If you cannot find a player on this list who is due to play in the competition, the captain should speak to the Ladies Competition Secretary (Gill Morgan) who will assist with allocating the handicap.

Match nights
>> All games in the Jean Kelly are to be played 21up off scratch.
>> Captains should total the handicaps of the players used before the match.
>> Away teams receive an additional +9 on top of the player handicaps
>> At the end of the match the handicap is added to the chalks to give the final score.

NameClub in 2021Handicap
Michelle CubbonBallaugh Bowling Club5
Maria DimsdaleBallaugh Bowling Club9
Elaine FentonBallaugh Bowling Club2
Barbara GrahamBallaugh Bowling Club4
Cath HarveyBallaugh Bowling Club1
Christine MacdonaldBallaugh Bowling Club2
Pat MasonBallaugh Bowling Club6
Alison MillardBallaugh Bowling Club6
Julie ReillyBallaugh Bowling Club3
Fiona ShawBallaugh Bowling Club3
Louise TebayBallaugh Bowling Club6
Pam UnsworthBallaugh Bowling Club9
Rose WaterworthBallaugh Bowling Club7
Shirley WatlingBallaugh Bowling Club9
Debra CooperCastletown Bowling Club5
Linda DawsonCastletown Bowling Club3
Linda DobinsonCastletown Bowling Club7
Hannah DrewettCastletown Bowling Club1
Kim FoyCastletown Bowling Club3
Ann HollingworthCastletown Bowling Club4
Alison KearsleyCastletown Bowling Club2
Hilary KermodeCastletown Bowling Club2
Kathryn KinleyCastletown Bowling Club1
Amanda LawlerCastletown Bowling Club4
Elaine McElroyCastletown Bowling Club6
Sonya MercerCastletown Bowling Club5
Aalish MooreCastletown Bowling Club3
Tracy MooreCastletown Bowling Club0
Sarah MorganCastletown Bowling Club3
Anne OatesCastletown Bowling Club3
Rachel PalmerCastletown Bowling Club6
Charlotte PeachCastletown Bowling Club9
Sue PeachCastletown Bowling Club5
Heike PerryCastletown Bowling Club1
Angela QuayleCastletown Bowling Club3
Grace QuayleCastletown Bowling Club8
Pat RigbyCastletown Bowling Club8
Jo RobertCastletown Bowling Club9
Joy StephensCastletown Bowling Club3
Stella WattersonCastletown Bowling Club3
Barbara YoungCastletown Bowling Club5
Sue CaleyDouglas Bowling Club3
Gill ChristianDouglas Bowling Club9
Michelle CowleyDouglas Bowling Club7
Pauline CowleyDouglas Bowling Club7
Harley GarrettDouglas Bowling Club4
Paula GarrettDouglas Bowling Club1
Katie JacobsDouglas Bowling Club9
Jane LothianDouglas Bowling Club8
Sue McCourtDouglas Bowling Club7
Kay McKiernanDouglas Bowling Club6
Emma SayleDouglas Bowling Club8
Graiagh SmithDouglas Bowling Club3
Shantelle ThorpeDouglas Bowling Club6
Jan WestDouglas Bowling Club2
Amanda ButlerMarown Bowling Club9
Martha ButlerMarown Bowling Club9
Lynda CadamyMarown Bowling Club2
Clare CooperMarown Bowling Club0
Emily CooperMarown Bowling Club9
Grace CooperMarown Bowling Club9
Jo CorkillMarown Bowling Club9
Elaine DewhurstMarown Bowling Club5
Sue HammondMarown Bowling Club9
Celia JoughinMarown Bowling Club5
Danielle KellyMarown Bowling Club3
Rebekah KellyMarown Bowling Club6
Deborah LeeceMarown Bowling Club3
Joyce OgdenMarown Bowling Club2
Lisa PughMarown Bowling Club9
Margaret ScarffeMarown Bowling Club9
Jayne SmithMarown Bowling Club3
Lil SmithMarown Bowling Club2
Philippa TaylorMarown Bowling Club1
Rebecca TeareMarown Bowling Club0
Shirley WhelanMarown Bowling Club4
Rosemary WinckleMarown Bowling Club3
Helen WithersMarown Bowling Club2
Pat WithersMarown Bowling Club3
Maureen HamiltonNorth Ramsey Bowling Club7
Aalish HaworthNorth Ramsey Bowling Club6
Katie JohnsonNorth Ramsey Bowling Club9
Victoria JohnsonNorth Ramsey Bowling Club8
Anne KeanNorth Ramsey Bowling Club5
Maureen LaceyNorth Ramsey Bowling Club5
Pat LentonNorth Ramsey Bowling Club5
Gillian MalpassNorth Ramsey Bowling Club3
Madison McMullanNorth Ramsey Bowling Club2
Shannon McMullanNorth Ramsey Bowling Club2
Lacey McMullenNorth Ramsey Bowling Club9
Janet MonkNorth Ramsey Bowling Club1
Caroline ParkerNorth Ramsey Bowling Club2
Chris SimsNorth Ramsey Bowling Club8
Libby AndradeOnchan Bowling Club2
Caroline CorlettOnchan Bowling Club6
Norma CowellOnchan Bowling Club3
Marilyn EllisonOnchan Bowling Club4
Paula FirthOnchan Bowling Club2
Grace GawneOnchan Bowling Club5
Lily GawneOnchan Bowling Club9
Sue GawneOnchan Bowling Club1
Tina HampsonOnchan Bowling Club6
Joanne KellyOnchan Bowling Club7
Sylvia KennaughOnchan Bowling Club1
Dee LewisOnchan Bowling Club3
Lesley NichollOnchan Bowling Club3
Maureen PayneOnchan Bowling Club1
Jo SmithOnchan Bowling Club3
Val AllwoodPeel Sunset Bowling Club9
Annette BarrettPeel Sunset Bowling Club9
Terry BerryPeel Sunset Bowling Club6
Gill ClarkePeel Sunset Bowling Club7
Shirley CorrinPeel Sunset Bowling Club3
Diane FlemmingPeel Sunset Bowling Club8
Louise HorsfallPeel Sunset Bowling Club6
Sue JonesPeel Sunset Bowling Club7
Joyce KellyPeel Sunset Bowling Club2
Mary MoffattPeel Sunset Bowling Club4
Cath ParkerPeel Sunset Bowling Club6
Pat RobertsonPeel Sunset Bowling Club3
Ceila SmithPeel Sunset Bowling Club9
Lynda WilsonPeel Sunset Bowling Club3
Di BensonPort Erin Bowling Club3
Jenny CainPort Erin Bowling Club5
Rita CallisterPort Erin Bowling Club9
Voirrey CurpheyPort Erin Bowling Club6
Phil DobsonPort Erin Bowling Club3
Jacqui ElliottPort Erin Bowling Club6
Joyce HenryPort Erin Bowling Club9
Susan InchPort Erin Bowling Club9
Carol KayePort Erin Bowling Club4
Kay Primrose SmithPort Erin Bowling Club5
Alison StockhamPort Erin Bowling Club9
Steph SwiftPort Erin Bowling Club3
Jean ThackrahPort Erin Bowling Club7
Caroline WhiteheadPort Erin Bowling Club2
Pauline WorrallPort Erin Bowling Club6
Lorna Brady-GloverPort St Mary Bowling Club8
Tricia BullPort St Mary Bowling Club2
Nicola CainPort St Mary Bowling Club2
Mavis FranksPort St Mary Bowling Club2
Elaine HawkinsPort St Mary Bowling Club3
Christine HollandPort St Mary Bowling Club7
Wendy KennaughPort St Mary Bowling Club3
Jayne KneenPort St Mary Bowling Club0
Kellie MaddrellPort St Mary Bowling Club1
Chris PricePort St Mary Bowling Club1
Margaret TaskerPort St Mary Bowling Club4
Katy WilliamsPort St Mary Bowling Club1
Moira AndersonSouth Ramsey Bowling Club3
Sue CollierSouth Ramsey Bowling Club4
Gillian DixonSouth Ramsey Bowling Club3
Ann GaleSouth Ramsey Bowling Club6
Lauren GroenSouth Ramsey Bowling Club5
Kim HargravesSouth Ramsey Bowling Club3
Judy KellySouth Ramsey Bowling Club5
Fiona KennishSouth Ramsey Bowling Club1
Shelley KennishSouth Ramsey Bowling Club3
Elaine MooreSouth Ramsey Bowling Club0
Jenny MooreSouth Ramsey Bowling Club1
Lorraine MooreSouth Ramsey Bowling Club3
Gillian MorganSouth Ramsey Bowling Club7
Jill QuayleSouth Ramsey Bowling Club3
Celia SmithPeel Sunset Bowling Club9
Rose CorfieldPeel Sunset Bowling Club4
Maggy JakemanPeel Sunset Bowling Club9
Lillian LillianfieldPeel Sunset Bowling Club9
Lillie BarrettPeel Sunset Bowling Club9
Lisa OliverMarown Bowling Club9
Lola TebayBallaugh Bowling Club9
Tammy MacPheeBallaugh Bowling Club9
Melanie SmithBallaugh Bowling Club9
Dot MylchreestPort St Mary Bowling Club4
Sheila PrestonCastletown Bowling Club4