Crossfield Cup :: Fixtures

Group Stage

TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Aggregate Greater Manchester434-436(13-11)South Yorkshire
Section 1 (Leg 1)Greater Manchester232-203(8-4)South Yorkshire
Section 1 (Leg 2)South Yorkshire233-202(7-5)Greater Manchester
Aggregate Potteries & District406-448(8-16)Shropshire
Section 1 (Leg 1)Potteries & District223-202(7-5)Shropshire
Section 1 (Leg 2)Shropshire246-183(11-1)Potteries & District
Aggregate Derbyshire407-420(10-14)North Lancs & Fylde
Section 2 (Leg 1)Derbyshire212-194(7-5)North Lancs & Fylde
Section 2 (Leg 2)North Lancs & Fylde226-195(9-3)Derbyshire
Aggregate Merseyside438-416(13-11)Isle of Man
Section 2 (Leg 1)Merseyside222-195(8-4)Isle of Man
Section 2 (Leg 2)Isle of Man221-216(7-5)Merseyside
Aggregate Cheshire408-443(12-12)Wales
Section 3 (Leg 1)Cheshire205-214(7-5)Wales
Section 3 (Leg 2)Wales229-203(7-5)Cheshire
Aggregate Yorkshire457-376(18-6)Lancashire
Section 3 (Leg 1)Yorkshire238-179(10-2)Lancashire
Section 3 (Leg 2)Lancashire197-219(4-8)Yorkshire
Aggregate Cumbria377-454(8-16)North Midlands
Section 4 (Leg 1)Cumbria214-222(6-6)North Midlands
Section 4 (Leg 2)North Midlands232-163(10-2)Cumbria
Aggregate Warwick & Worcester414-386(14-10)Staffordshire
Section 4 (Leg 1)Warwick & Worcester235-176(10-2)Staffordshire
Section 4 (Leg 2)Staffordshire210-179(8-4)Warwick & Worcester
Aggregate Greater Manchester409-409(10-14)Potteries & District
Section 1 (Leg 1)Greater Manchester211-194(6-6)Potteries & District
Section 1 (Leg 2)Potteries & District215-198(8-4)Greater Manchester
Aggregate South Yorkshire413-427(12-12)Shropshire
Section 1 (Leg 1)South Yorkshire241-185(9-3)Shropshire
Section 1 (Leg 2)Shropshire242-172(9-3)South Yorkshire
Aggregate Derbyshire408-433(12-12)Merseyside
Section 2 (Leg 1)Derbyshire231-192(9-3)Merseyside
Section 2 (Leg 2)Merseyside241-177(9-3)Derbyshire
Aggregate North Lancs & Fylde443-352(17-7)Isle of Man
Section 2 (Leg 1)North Lancs & Fylde239-141(10-2)Isle of Man
Section 2 (Leg 2)Isle of Man211-204(5-7)North Lancs & Fylde
Aggregate Cheshire389-462(8-16)Yorkshire
Section 3 (Leg 1)Cheshire208-219(5-7)Yorkshire
Section 3 (Leg 2)Yorkshire243-181(9-3)Cheshire
Aggregate Wales427-394(14-10)Lancashire
Section 3 (Leg 1)Wales236-178(9-3)Lancashire
Section 3 (Leg 2)Lancashire216-191(7-5)Wales
Aggregate Cumbria424-392(14-10)Warwick & Worcester
Section 4 (Leg 1)Cumbria243-162(10-2)Warwick & Worcester
Section 4 (Leg 2)Warwick & Worcester230-181(8-4)Cumbria
Aggregate North Midlands431-447(10-14)Staffordshire
Section 4 (Leg 1)North Midlands233-227(6-6)Staffordshire
Section 4 (Leg 2)Staffordshire220-198(8-4)North Midlands
Aggregate Greater Manchester404-455(10-14)Shropshire
Section 1 (Leg 1)Greater Manchester215-219(8-4)Shropshire
Section 1 (Leg 2)Shropshire236-189(10-2)Greater Manchester
Aggregate South Yorkshire427-434(12-12)Potteries & District
Section 1 (Leg 1)South Yorkshire243-199(9-3)Potteries & District
Section 1 (Leg 2)Potteries & District235-184(9-3)South Yorkshire
Aggregate Derbyshire452-419(15-9)Isle of Man
Section 2 (Leg 1)Derbyshire225-222(7-5)Isle of Man
Section 2 (Leg 2)Isle of Man197-227(4-8)Derbyshire
Aggregate North Lancs & Fylde438-398(14-10)Merseyside
Section 2 (Leg 1)North Lancs & Fylde230-203(7-5)Merseyside
Section 2 (Leg 2)Merseyside195-208(5-7)North Lancs & Fylde
Aggregate Cheshire417-407(11-13)Lancashire
Section 3 (Leg 1)Cheshire227-184(8-4)Lancashire
Section 3 (Leg 2)Lancashire223-190(9-3)Cheshire
Aggregate Wales415-441(10-14)Yorkshire
Section 3 (Leg 1)Wales208-236(5-7)Yorkshire
Section 3 (Leg 2)Yorkshire205-207(7-5)Wales
Aggregate Cumbria416-434(12-12)Staffordshire
Section 4 (Leg 1)Cumbria236-193(9-3)Staffordshire
Section 4 (Leg 2)Staffordshire241-180(9-3)Cumbria
Aggregate North Midlands401-408(13-11)Warwick & Worcester
Section 4 (Leg 1)North Midlands206-204(7-5)Warwick & Worcester
Section 4 (Leg 2)Warwick & Worcester204-195(6-6)North Midlands

Play Offs

Semi Final

TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Aggregate Shropshire432-402(14-10)North Lancs & Fylde
Semi Final (Leg 1)Shropshire238-174(9-3)North Lancs & Fylde
Semi Final (Leg 2)North Lancs & Fylde228-194(7-5)Shropshire
Aggregate Yorkshire461-363(16-8)Staffordshire
Semi Final (Leg 1)Yorkshire241-157(10-2)Staffordshire
Semi Final (Leg 2)Staffordshire206-220(6-6)Yorkshire


TimeMatch #HomeScoreAway
Aggregate Shropshire417-421(15-9)Yorkshire
Final (Leg 1)Shropshire208-211(8-4)Yorkshire
Final (Leg 2)Yorkshire210-209(5-7)Shropshire