1. Entry
    1. Clubs may enter one team
    2. The entry fee to be fixed by the Executive Committee
  2. Competition Format
    1. The competition will be a knockout with the rounds before the Semi Final consisting of a home and away leg.
  3. Matches
    1. Each team to consist of 14 players of any number of male and female bowlers.  Each player must be a registered member of his Club and the BCGBA. No player can play for more than one Club.
    2. Captains will nominate their 14 players and include substitutes if required before the match commences at 7.00pm. Any nominated player not present at 7.00pm may be substituted. This player must be present at 7.00pm.
    3. No practising by either side is permitted on the match green within one hour of the start time. Any player offending will become ineligible.
    4. All matches to be played in the evening on the dates shown which are fixed by the Competition Secretary, starting no later than 7.00pm. when all players must be present. (Except by mutual agreement of the captains, and the referee).
    5. A match will consist of 6 singles games and 4 doubles games. Singles games to be 21 up off Scratch. Doubles games to be 21 up off three (3).
    6. Standard Jacks to be used in all matches
    7. If a team is a player(s) short.
      1. If there is an odd number of players short the singles game(s) must be forfeited.
      2. No doubles game should ever take place with a incorrect number of players e.g. 2v1
    8. In the event of weather or any other circumstance interfering with play or the start of play, the Referee or Captain will decide whether to play or not. (The green keeper must be consulted if he is present). All completed games to count. Any game not completed is void and shall be replayed. Substitutes will be allowed for the replayed games. In the event of a result not being produced the match MUST either start or continue on the next evening the green is available unless by mutual agreement between both Captains and the Competition Secretary.
    9. If no official referee is available, after consulting with the opposing captain, the captain of the team drawn first in the tie will decide any points of issue.
    10. Any team fielding ineligible players will have the associated game(s) altered to a walkover. The maximum score of 21-0 for singles and 21-3 for doubles will be awarded and the final match result adjusted accordingly.
  4. The Draw
      1. Teams will be supplied with official match sheets which must be used
      2. Each captain to have players named on individual cards/paper to use for the draw
      3. The captains cannot choose who plays singles or doubles the draw shall be random.
      4. Each player is drawn one at a time and added to the match sheet in 1 to 11 order
      5. Home captain will draw away players and away captain will draw home players.
      6. Games are then to be played in order on the match sheet A to H
  5. Early Knockout Rounds
    1. Matches will consist of a home and away leg.
    2. The team advancing to the next round will be the team who scored the highest number of chalks scored in total over the two legs.
    3. On completion of the second leg, should the teams be tied on chalks then a Sudden Death playoff will take place.
  6. Knockout Semi-Final and Final
    1. Semi Final and Final will be played on a neutral greens selected by the Competition Committee
    2. Captains will toss for the first throw of the Jack and the teams will throw alternatively, the score cards to be marked with a “J” to denote the player who shall throw the Jack first.
    3. The result of the match will be decided by the number of chalks scored in total, in the event of a draw on chalks then a Sudden Death playoff will take place.
    4. In the final. All players must conform to BCGBA Dress code.
  7. Sudden Death
    1. Captains will nominate one player each to play a three end shoot-out. Players will toss a coin to decide who throws the Jack first.
    2. Dead-ends must be replayed.
    3. The winner is the player who wins two ends – chalks scored are not counted, just ends won.
    4. Winning team of the sudden death awarded extra chalk.
  8. Results sheets
    1. Result sheet must include FIRST and LAST names of players written in BLOCK CAPITALS.
    2. BOTH captains are responsible for checking their own team is correct on the sheet.
    3. Result sheet of matches to be checked and signed by both team captains on completion of the match
    4. The captain of the team drawn FIRST in the tie shall forward the result sheet directly after the match is completed by post or electronically by means of a photo of the signed result card.
    5. If sent electronically the captain should retain the result card until it has been processed by the Competition Secretary.
  9. In the event of any protest or disputes, written notice must be sent in duplicate to the Association Secretary within FOUR days of the incident, and a copy sent to the Club concerned. The matter to be discussed by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.
  10. The competition shall be governed by the “Laws of the Game of Crown Green Bowls” which are in force for the time being, with the exception of Rule 9.10.and 10.1.
  11. The Executive committee shall have power to alter and to decide any matter not provided for in these rules.