Port St Mary Ladies Complete Double

Port St Mary Ladies completed their first double by winning both the League and Jean Kelly in the same year. It has been a great year for the Ladies of Port St Mary who also ran out champions in the Over 60’s League with Trish Bull picking up the Over 60s League Merit.

Congratulations also to Elaine Moore who by winning tonight completed a personal double of being Manx Champion and Ladies Merit Winner in the same season.

Elaine Moore 2015 Ladies Manx Champion
Elaine Moore 2015 Ladies Manx Champion

Final League Table

Port St Mary B (2019)

Ladies Night League

11Port St Mary B2471163073
DateMatch #HomeScoreAway
1Port St Mary B132-186(2-7)Marown
2Port St Mary B120-151(4-5)South Ramsey
3Port St Mary B166-103(7-2)Castletown B
4Port Erin179-128(7-2)Port St Mary B
5Castletown A178-84(8-1)Port St Mary B
6Port St Mary B110-187(1-8)Nobles
7Mooragh Park180-118(7-2)Port St Mary B
8Port St Mary B165-148(5-4)Ballaugh
10Peel Sunset170-111(7-2)Port St Mary B
11Port St Mary B163-136(6-3)Onchan
12Port St Mary A181-108(6-3)Port St Mary B
14Marown187-128(8-1)Port St Mary B
15South Ramsey179-101(7-2)Port St Mary B
13Port St Mary B164-128(6-3)Douglas
16Castletown B135-162(4-5)Port St Mary B
17Port St Mary B141-151(4-5)Port Erin
18Port St Mary B100-179(2-7)Castletown A
19Nobles189-58(9-0)Port St Mary B
20Port St Mary B150-144(4-5)Mooragh Park
21Ballaugh148-144(6-3)Port St Mary B
23Port St Mary B155-155(4-5)Peel Sunset
24Onchan172-114(6-3)Port St Mary B
25Port St Mary B94-189(0-9)Port St Mary A
26Douglas149-157(5-4)Port St Mary B