Canada Life Manx Championship

Sat 11 May 2019 - Sun 12 May 2019 12:00 pm
Players will be allocated individual start times. Please attend within 10mins of allocated start time

Entry Details

Closing Date:
Competition Secretary
Matthew Keggen
Entry Fee:
£3.00 per person
2018 Winner:
John Kennish

2019 Result

Colin Kelly
Runner Up:
Jordan Cain

Sponsored by Canada Life

Important Information

The 2019 Manx Championship will be held over 2 days with the qualifying rounds on the Saturday.  If there are 48 entries or less the whole competition will be run on Sunday with BCGBA dress code applying for all competitors.

Entries close 10am Friday 10th May, no entries can be accepted after entries close. Players will be informed of their allocated start times after the draw is complete.

On the finals day all competitors will be required to conform to BCGBA dress code.  Any player not meeting the dress code will not be eligible to play.  Note BCGBA Dress Code changed in 2017 and the plain black trousers are now permitted.

All competitors will be allocated an individual start time. Please attend within 10 minutes of allocated time.

Players will not be scratched until their game is called and their absence is holding up the competition.

No prizes will be given if the recipient is not present at the conclusion of the competition.

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